Posted by: sriramarao | February 13, 2010

Having great fun with snowfall


I am presently in Dallas TX,USA with my son, along with my wife. The weather channel indicated on 10 Feb 2010, that there is likelyhood o  heavy snowfall on the night of 10th and my wife who never saw a anowfall was very excited and during the night got up almost every one hour to go out and see whether there was any snowfall. She was disapointed to see hat there was no snowfall till 110400 hrs. She got ready and did her pooja and when she finished and came out saw that the snow fall has started around 0500 hrs.. She was very excited woke me up and my son, and she got ready with her shoes and heavy woolens and went out and played in the snow for some time.

On that there was heavy snowfall and we both went out many times that day, and enjoyed the snow. She also made an iceman with the snow. All the trees, building tops, roads, lawns and everywhere there was snow. The snowfall continued for the whole day and night as well.

Both me an my wife played with the snow which was very soft threw at each other, made various figures with the ice.

The night was equally interesting. Since there was snow everywhere when we saw outside it was like bright moonlight all over and extremely beautiful. Outside was reasonably bright, there after we went out for a drive on the roads to see the snow and it was beautiful all over. We had taken lot of photogrphs that day and placing some of them in this blog for your view and enjoyment.on the 12th we went for a walk next to a river and saw beautiful views with the snow. There wee many birds swimming in the river and flying and shifting their swimming spot.


 Today is 13th of Feb, and the snow is slowly melting from the trees and roof tops and the roads are clear of the snow.



  1. Welcome to the Blogdom.
    The photos were excellent. Glad to see u & Laxmi garu had fun playing in snow. U must’ve felt like children. I enjoyed reading the blog and viewing the photos. U can post it in Sulekha also.
    With best wishes,

  2. Thank you sir. It is a happy experience to get a comment from a great blogger. I am attempting to write anothr on a Ballet we attended in Fortworth yesterday on Romeo and Juliet.
    With regards to you both, GSR

  3. Hi! Spoted yr blog through an equally interesting email ‘Most Frequent Causes of Traffic Accident’. It was nice to see you and Laxmi having fun in Dallas. Does she remember us.
    Regards to u both

    • Dear Bakshi,
      It is so nice to get in contact with you. I am thrilled to get a mail from you. Of course yes we all remember you all. I have sent you a separate mail.
      Regards, GSR

  4. Sir your blog is awesome and your photos are colorful and perfect for the feelings of fun

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