Posted by: sriramarao | June 4, 2013

A stunning senior Moment Priceless and So True

A Stunning Senior Moment – priceless and so true too:


It is very much true to the core,
That this genaratioon have not seen,
Or felt actual pain in fulfilling resposiblities,
As we kept every thing at their feet to enjoy,
The sweat and sweating for the cause is not known,
They all born with golden spoon in their mouth,
All the inventions and the struggle is not felt,
As we have laid down every thing for them,
And still we feel for their safty and satiation,
Without asking them to see our happiness.
One can only know the value of anything,
When you get it by struggle and shedding sweat,
Let this generation know where is their origin,
And how it have been developed to the present,
For their benefit and welfare of future generation.

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